What is 24sevenoffice and what is it used for?


24SevenOffice: Enjoy your online collaboration with a comprehensive project management tool to plan, execute and track your projects. Easy to use, cross-browser and delivered as SaaS in the cloud.

For every project and consulting operation, it is important to have complete control of every phase of a project, from planning, implementation and timing to funding. 24SevenOffice Project & Time Management offers you, in one place, a number of intelligent solutions to manage your projects. regardless of whether you are on the move or in the office.

The modules are integrated with 24SevenOffice ERP and offer intelligent solutions for a wide spectrum of industries, adapted to different roles, covering everything from basic to advanced project management.

As a project manager, 24sevenOffice allows you to easily plan A-to-Z project implementation, assign tasks, manage rights, and invite any number of external participants to participate in projects.

All projects are automatically assigned a project number when they are created in 24SevenOffice, so that all project revenue and costs can be linked and tracked to that number. On the cost side, this may, for example, refer to the purchase of external materials or consulting services.

After you create the project and the project plan is fully configured on the system, you can add participants and assign resources for task execution based on the availability of the resource planner.

As soon as the project starts, the project manager has a complete overview of project progress, status, and tasks through Gannt boxes or lists of projects and tasks in the project planner.

projects through the project wall from any device. All project participants receive continuous cell phone notifications when messages are posted on the “wall”.

If you are not within the project at any given time, you can use the Dashboard in the system to respond directly to posts on the wall of your “Quick List” on the Dashboard. It is also possible to create priority project walls that have widgets from the Dashboard in 24sevenOffice, so you have access to all communications directly from a login.

24SevenOffice also allows you to connect email communications directly to your projects.

Features and Functions of 24sevenoffice

  • Budget management
  • Besource management

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