What is 7-Zip and what is it used for?

7-Zip is a multilingual file compression software solution. It is designed for private and business users to store documents. The software uses high compression to compress the target files and convert them to 7z format. Key features include support for compression and decompression of multiple file formats and military-grade data encryption for added security. 7-Zip also has an auto-extract feature and a built-in command-line function. It works with all editions of Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows 7/8, XP, Vista and Windows 10 and more. Open source software is licensed under the GNU LGPL, so it must be shared and available to all computer users.

Who is 7-Zip aimed at?

7-Zip was designed for all users seeking to archive or access archived applications and documents.

Features and Functions of 7-Zip

  • Powerful encryption
  • Peveral languages
  • Pultiplatform
  • Pile administrator
  • Pile extraction RAR and BZ2.
  • Pdmits multiple file formats
  • Ppen Source

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