8×8 Virtual Office

What is 8×8 Virtual Office and what is it used for?

The 8x8s Virtual Office unified communications platform enables businesses of all sizes with private chat, softphones, web conferencing, video and Apple and Android mobile apps to enhance collaboration on any device, anywhere. 8×8 Virtual Office integrates with leading business solutions such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and NetSuite. Cloud Intregated, configured in minutes, can be easily managed from any device. A commitment system to manage all employees and interaction

An integrated experience for fast and efficient collaboration between employees and customers with intelligence system for learning and continuous improvement of enterprise telephony in the cloud. Powerful, modern and easy to use with best-in-class features, mobile applications, messaging and collaboration. Virtual Office Editions makes business communications elegant and simple to set up.

Modify settings, add users, and view reports anytime, anywhere. With beautiful and modern applications for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, users can access functions on the fly and finally cut the cable of traditional desktop phones.

The 8×8 virtual office desktop is a desktop application that integrates an enterprise softphone with functions such as voice mail, corporate directory, messaging and more.

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