90 Degree Team Task

What is 90 Degree Team Task and what is it used for?

90 Degree Team Task is implemented to provide a complete web-based platform to manage different projects, track tasks, users, and provide a collaborative framework for employees.

With 90 Degree Team Task, access the best project management tools to handle changing priorities, changing needs, tasks, meetings, and dynamic business needs to be flexible and adaptable. Deliver convincing results in the midst of chaos.

Organize your projects like a professional with 90 Degree Team Task. The Project Management module provides you with tools to monitor project execution, track budget, expenditure, employee time, and risk management. It also sends notification alerts for milestones that are most important.

Features and Functions of 90 Degree Team Task

  • Hours /Expenses
  • Hudget Management
  • Hesource Management
  • Hollaboration Tools
  • Hilestone Monitoring

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