What is Academyocean and what is it used for?

AcademyOcean is a SaaS enterprise developer designed to engage and educate its customers for greater retention and satisfaction. Use AcademyOcean to get new leads and turn them into loyal customers. Teach your customers how to unlock the total value of your product. The more features you use, the longer you will remain loyal customers.

With AcademyOcean you can easily assess students’ knowledge through the questionnaire function. You can also automatically reward all students with a certificate at the end of their education.

New level of customer engagement compared to Knowledge Base and FAQs. The ability to create courses and lessons on various topics and at different levels of difficulty.

Progress bars, checkmarks, unlockable lessons, sharing on social networks. Easy and attractive learning process. The ability to print certificates or share them on social networks.

Apprenticeship success data, lesson statistics, certificate statistics. It allows you to easily create custom academies for different clients or companies. Easily customizable design to suit your business needs.

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