Platform Analytics Act

What is Platform Analytics Act and what is it used for?

Actian Analytics Platform: Making the most of your data today as you prepare for the future requires an open, fast, and enterprise-grade analytics platform.

Capture, store, and query any data type, SQL or NoSQL, using relational, object, or embedded databases. Integrate data across databases, applications, and even businesses using on-premise and cloud-based solutions, whether self-service or managed service.

Deploy an analytic query engine to accelerate knowledge about your data, on a single node or in a Hadoop cluster, using ANSI SQL and your favorite BI tools.

Actian provides transformative business value by delivering practical knowledge on new sources of income, business opportunities and ways to mitigate.

Actian DataConnect is a hybrid integration solution that allows you to quickly and easily design, deploy, and manage integrations on site, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments without limits on data types or volumes. With its emphasis on reuse and adaptability, DataConnect is designed to help you cost-effectively integrate diverse data and applications from numerous endpoints.

Actian DataCloud is an elastic cloud-based platform for deploying and managing hybrid, on-premises, or cloud-to-cloud integrations on a secure, reliable on-demand service platform powered by Amazon Web Services. As a cloud deployment option for Actian DataConnect, DataCloud integrates applications and data into the cloud and on-premises.

DataCloud provides fully customizable and sophisticated data integration capabilities that can scale and work in the most demanding environments, with the agility to adapt to rapidly expanding and changing endpoints.

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