Active Query Builder

What is Active Query Builder and what is it used for?

Active Query Builder is a component for business applications that helps users without SQL experience work with SQL queries and get data quickly. With Active Query Builder, users can get a clear view of the database schema and design SQL queries with natural point-and-click actions instead of typing. Works with dozens of database servers, supports many SQL dialects and development environments. Developers have full control over user queries to deny access to unauthorized data.

Bridge your data and access it regularly as an Excel
Active Query Builder spreadsheet provides easy access to data within SQL databases for users with any level of SQL knowledge. Create queries with just drag-and-drop. Forget the writing routine and get data in seconds!

We provide comprehensive consultations on technical aspects, send the software with a series of demonstration projects illustrating real cases of its use. We assist customers during the development and develop a proof of concept free of charge or based on a customized development.

We have extensive experience in solving problems related to SQL queries. We are ready to provide contacts from our customers to act as reference.

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