What is ActiveChat and what is it used for?

ActiveChat is a chat platform designed to help call centers, e-commerce, and customer service companies automate customer interactions via email, SMS, web, Facebook messages, and other communication channels. The platform allows users to create personal assistants to answer customer questions and simplify support operations. ActiveChat automatically tracks customer sentiment, communicates at the right time, and finds opportunities to sell products and services using AI-based recommendations. The application enables organizations to create and deploy chatbots with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to provide solutions to customers’ emotions. It also segments visitors based on interaction history and automatically assigns conversations to specific active agents. ActiveChat allows managers to track customer engagement on the company’s website, automate repetitive tasks, and gain insight into agent performance through analytics.

Who is ActiveChat aimed at?

ActiveChat allows managers to monitor the client participation on the company’s website, automate repetitive tasks and obtain information on the performance of the agents through analysis.

Features and Functions of ActiveChat

  • Activity Panel
  • Aevelopment without Code
  • Ahatbot
  • Aarious Languages
  • Ahat Live
  • Aoice Recognition
  • Airtual Assistant

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