What is Ada and what is it used for?

Don’t let cumbersome chatbots hurt your brand – you and your customers deserve better. Ada allows your brand to treat everyone like VIPs, so your millionth customer feels like the first. The brand engagement platform of Ada has a no-code authoring tool and easy-to-use integrations and everything you need for every team: support, marketing, sales, and IT. Using artificial intelligence and advanced NLU, Ada automates thousands of conversation topics on the most popular digital channels on one platform.

Who is Ada aimed at?

Businesses that are looking to automate their level one assistance while managing how their brand is presented to customers. Companies with a large volume of assistance are usually great candidates.

Features and Functions of Ada

  • Chats Screen
  • Cirtual Assistant
  • Cuide Contextual
  • Cultiple Languages
  • Codess Development
  • Coice Recognition
  • CRECONFIGured Robot
  • Cmnichannel

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