What is Additio and what is it used for?

The platform allows the administration of students and teachers; conduct assessments: record meetings; tutorials and sessions; organize all kinds of resources that the teacher uses in his classes; attendance record; lesson planning; rubrics to assess learning; schedules and calendars, etc.


Additio has an access portal for families and students, where they can consult evaluations, follow-ups and reports.


In addition, the tool includes a wide range of communication possibilities, such as sending notes, notifications or messages. It also includes functionalities for administrators such as the creator of report cards, authorizations, reports of all kinds.

Who is Additio aimed at?

Additio is aimed at all types of centers and includes both corporate administrative management and teaching planning. It is also a tool to maintain bidirectional communication with families and students.

Features and Functions of Additio

  • Student Portal
  • Study Program Management
  • Sreation of Reports
  • Seachers and Personnel Management
  • Slerts and Notifications

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