Adobe Illustrator

What is Adobe Illustrator and what is it used for?

Adobe Illustrator is a software created to draw, illustrate and create works of art through Windows and MacOS computers. Adobe Illustrator is a very required and popular program in the community of graphic designers and illustrators, as it has numerous functions that allow you to create original and fully customized designs Graphic design software used for logos, illustrations, graphics and icons. It helps designers create designs, collaborate with team members, and share their designs in any format. Platform features include global editing, pattern repetition, vector layouts, color change, customizable effects, and 3D design.

Who is Adobe Illustrator aimed at?

Graphic designers, fashion designers, illustrators, students and visual artists

Features and Functions of Adobe Illustrator

  • Presentation tools
  • Pupplier management
  • Ptorage models; Colors and Artwork
  • Pad Tools
  • Pashion Illustrations
  • Pesign; Printing and Cutting Patterns
  • Polor Matching
  • Pxport Designs
  • Pollaboration Tools
  • Patabase Image
  • Pollaboration
  • Pustomizable Models
  • Prag and Drop
  • Pedia Library
  • Pata Visualization
  • Piltering

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