Adobe Premiere Pro

What is Adobe Premiere Pro and what is it used for?

Behind Adobe Premiere Pro is the most relevant video editing software in the entire industry. Whether you want to edit a simple clip that is going to be uploaded to an online platform or to edit a tv series, a short or documentary, Adobe Premiere Pro becomes the favorite tool to achieve this task.

Who is Adobe Premiere Pro aimed at?

Professionals and apprentices of audiovisual media.

Features and Functions of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Audio manipulation
  • Audio recording
  • Anstrument management
  • Audio editor
  • Audio mixture
  • Alug-ins integration
  • Aideo editing
  • Aollaboration
  • Austomizable models
  • Arag and drop
  • Aedia library
  • Aata visualization
  • Ailtering
  • Aodels

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