What is Aerospike and what is it used for?

Aerospike is the high-performance NoSQL database that offers speed at scale. Aerospike is specially designed for real-time transactional workloads that support mission-critical applications. These workloads are mandated to provide informed and immediate decisions for verticals such as financial services, adtech and e-commerce. The unique combination of speed, scale, and reliability delivers 10 times to one tenth of the cost compared to other databases.

Aerospike is an enterprise-class NoSQL database solution for real-time operational applications that delivers predictable performance at scale, superior uptime, and high availability at the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) compared to first generation NoSQL and relational databases. Aerospike database supports real-time mission-critical applications for customer analytics, advertising optimization, fraud prevention, and other massive decision making workloads across a wide range of industries, including financial services, adtech, e-commerce, telecom, and retail. Customers include Nielsen Marketing Cloud, Williams Sonoma, Inmobi, Bluekai, AppNexus and Kayak. Available in two versions: Free Community Edition and Commercial Enterprise Edition-Aerospike can be downloaded from

Aerospike is the only vendor to offer a new, cached hybrid database architecture that improves overall application performance in real time. It provides scale, improved uptime and availability, and dramatically reduces overall TCO compared to next-generation cache/RDBMS based solutions and first-generation NoSQL solutions.

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