Agilean projects

What is Agilean projects and what is it used for?

Agilean is an artificial intelligence and NLP based SaaS enterprise workflow automation and management solution that serves small and medium IT businesses working with multiple verticals.

Agilean is a SaaS enterprise workflow automation and project management software solution basically created for use by IT companies. Key features of Agilean include project planning, execution and monitoring, SCRUM and KANBAN board, impediments and response plan, automation of standing meetings, launch management, retrospective analysis and visualized reports.

It is a highly customizable and easy to use tool, capable of setting up your Kanban automated workflow process in 2 minutes with “50 built-in templates”

With Agilean, workflow automation not only allows you to accelerate, but also improve existing assignments based on the needs of your organization or those of your customers.

Precise job information. Visualization achieved through the board. Optimize your workflow by eliminating the bottlenecks of your process. Close collaboration with the customer and deliver the MVP (minimum viable product) and validate.

Understand the flow of values, process and identify unnecessary activities, and delete them. Analyze actual productivity time for cards, excluding timeout and locked time. Keep the customer happy responding to their needs as quickly as possible.


Features and Functions of Agilean projects

  • Portfolio management
  • Pdeas management
  • Pudget management
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pgile methodologies
  • Pilestone monitoring
  • Pantt diagrams

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