What is Agilityportal and what is it used for?

The AgilityPortal internal communications platform enables the delivery of relevant, audience managed content through a single source, along with push notifications to ensure your employees never miss a thing. It combines employee engagement features to cultivate your culture and digital workplace tools to increase productivity for remote teams.  

AgilityPortal is a cloud intranet out-of-the-box solution that comes with preconfigured settings and modules, that is ready in minutes and it doesn’t require any technical IT knowledge or skills.  It’s based on Intranet as a Service model with full-featured digital workplace with everything your employees need to efficiently reinforce corporate culture.  No more time wasted in acquiring that needed information, sample way to communicate to employees. Here is the modern employee intranet solution with all the tools your business needs to thrive.

Features and Functions of Agilityportal

  • Debates and forum
  • Danagement Knowledge base
  • Dlogs
  • Danagement calendars
  • Dolycy management
  • Diki
  • Dontent management
  • Dctivity feed and news
  • Document management
  • Dearch

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