Agillic dialogue

What is Agillic dialogue and what is it used for?

Agillic is a complete Omnichannel SaaS communications and marketing automation platform that uses physical and digital channels.

Agillic allows your company to communicate timely and relevant with your customers on both incoming and outgoing channels.

Agillic supports all communication channels imaginable, such as email, direct mail, SMS: Inbound and Outbound, App Push, Call Center and Sales Assistant Empowerment.

With Agillic you can finally act with knowledge.

At Agillic, the customer profile is the primary hub for orchestrating your communications. Basically, there are no limits to the amount of data and how many types of behavior, profile, transactional, or contextual data each client profile can contain. Some of the data is created through interaction within Agillic; some are integrated with other parts of its Omnichannel ecosystem, such as ERP, CMS, POS, CRM, Business/Customer Intelligence, Data Warehouse, etc.

It may not seem like a big problem, but the customer-centric data model in Agillic has quite profound implications for the day-to-day tasks of Marketing Automation. Central target groups, rules, and message design make it extremely easy to match customers to the right message regardless of the channel, whether you communicate with your customers via outgoing communications or customers visiting you on incoming channels.

Not all data is clearly structured and can be represented as columns in a customer database. Modern Marketing Automation feeds on profile data, relational data and even unrelated data. With Agillic, we give you the opportunity to automate and customize both person data, one-to-many data (such as transactions, subscriptions), and global data (such as products, stores, inventory, locations, etc.)

Any information stored in Agillic can be used to trigger, segment, or customize. All by configuration alone. It allows you to easily configure data models around concepts such as households, families, and B2B. Therefore, there will be no need for developers to take courses in SQL. We insist on maintaining Agillic as a configuration platform rather than a development platform. It’s good news for those who are tired of clinging to an IT ticket number.

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