Aireus restaurants

What is Aireus restaurants and what is it used for?

Aireus Software Restaurants is a full-service POS design and development company that partners with hospitality leaders who have an appetite for innovation. Specializes in the development, ideation and custom design of quick features.

Quickly create “the art of the possible” and help define concepts related to viability, creativity and scope. Aireus is the complete enterprise point of sale solution for restaurants ranging from occupied individual units to multi-unit properties.

Aireus is a customer-focused company with a simple mission: Put your customers first and create success stories around you. Like no other restaurant POS, Aireus is revolutionizing ways and always developing new ideas to help you collaborate with your customer.

The features of Aireus include an advanced point of sale for iOS, an interactive API platform, a group of amazing add-on modules, a custom development team, and a powerful cloud network. Their solutions help hundreds of restaurants around the world be creative.

Unlike traditional point-of-sale systems installed on the site, all application parts in Aireus Software Restaurants are services that can be deployed anywhere in the enterprise, limited only by network topology. Cloud Architecture easily supports thousands of iPads that produce tens of thousands of transactions.

All this is done flexibly over LAN and Internet. The traditional legacy concept that the system is up or down does not apply to Aireus because iPads do not rely on a single PC server, this means that it is a more scalable and reliable system.

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