AIVEN Postgresql

What is AIVEN Postgresql and what is it used for?

We provide functions such as branching and pooling connections. Your data is secure with Aiven because we encrypt it at rest and in transit, and run its services on dedicated virtual machines. Set up in 10 minutes and enjoy peace of mind while focusing on your core business. Start today!

As an open source object relational database management system, PostgreSQL is the database for companies operating in a variety of markets, from manufacturing to IoT.

Aiven PostgreSQL is the fastest of all suppliers, the result of a founding team with more than 50 years of experience in using and contributing to the PostgreSQL project.

By offering default features such as high availability and automatic backups as well as advanced backups, Aiven leverages its expertise to provide an unparalleled Postgres service.

Aiven has freed us from worrying about the database infrastructure through almost perfect uptime and never being depressed due to an operational database problem.

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