alert social networks monitoring

What is alert social networks monitoring and what is it used for?

Alerti monitors hundreds of millions of sources. You will have access to conversations that are taking place on forums, blogs, news sites, social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, youtube.

Create alerts about your brand, your competitors, your industry and monitor all kinds of sources in real time: social networks, blogs, online press, forums, review sites, videos and images. Analyze trends with simple dashboards. Measure the feeling around your brand. Benefit from advanced statistics about your social accounts. Identify your brand’s influencers, ambassadors or detractors. Segment them according to their positive or negative mentions. Find out who talks about your competitors and what their influence is.

Compare the data of your choice and create reports about your brand, your competitors, your industry. Export in one click all types of data in the format that suits you best. Respond to comments about your brand, interact with your prospects and customers, dialogue on social networks, identify your top fans and top followers, all from Alerti. Also, share your alerts with your team. Assign tasks to your colleagues. Follow the evolution of the work in progress knowing which team member has performed each task.

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