What is Alfarichi and what is it used for?

AlFarichi POS is an innovative point-of-sale software based on the front-end and back-office web that can be accessed from any device. Give your store or restaurant a modern look with a POS tablet that takes up little space and costs much less than a traditional POS terminal.

Take orders at restaurant tables or use to disappear lines, it is also ideal for markets, shopping malls and mobile sales. Enjoy an easy-to-use interface for sales, table ordering and stock management.

It works when there is no Internet connection, all data is stored on the tablet and when there is a connection, the data is synchronized in real time with the cloud office. All devices in a site communicate with each other over the local network.

You can start a sale on one device and complete it on another, take a table order on one device and then it will be immediately available for viewing on all other devices.

Enjoy interfaces with receipt printers, kitchen printers, bar printers, barcode readers, scales, cash drawers, and card payment devices.

In addition AlFarichi offers you:

  • Carry out your purchase online in a few minutes.
  • Cse the same virtual cloud office for online and street stores.
  • Ceceive email/SMS notifications every time the customer purchases products on their website.
  • Cet up takeout menus and have additional options appear on the screen when the first item is chosen (such as creating your pizza first and then choosing drinks)

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