What is ALTERYX ANALYSIS and what is it used for?

Alteryx Statistical Analysis revolutionizes business through data science and analysis. With a complete set of products, the Alteryx platform provides analysts with the ability to easily prepare, combine and analyze all types of data through workflows.

DISCOVER + COULATE Control meets freedom: unlock the data vault and safely release your data gurus.

Join your entire team with easily accessible data and analytical assets. We make your data more searchable and traceable by providing you with a powerful data lineage and cataloging that provides greater visibility to government. Data discovery and data security are made incredibly easy with Alteryx. Now you can create a culture of collaboration, exchange and innovation by extending tribal knowledge across your organization.

We take a different approach to analytics. Our platform is specifically designed to create new data partnerships between IT, analytical teams, and lines of business. With Alteryx, whether analyst or data scientist, you can solve even the most complex business analytics problems, with less time and effort, to deliver business-changing results across your organization.

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