Amazon Simpledb

What is Amazon Simpledb and what is it used for?

Amazon SimpleDB is a highly available and flexible non-relational data store that downloads the database management job.

Whether you need compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality, AWS has the services you need to help you build sophisticated applications with greater flexibility, scalability, and reliability

Intuit simplifies tax reporting with AWS, learn how financial technology company Intuit uses Amazon SageMaker to train its machine learning models quickly and at scale, reducing the time needed to deploy models by 90 percent.

Intuit moved all of its operations to AWS and uses a wide range of AWS services to get the elasticity you need to manage seasonally changing traffic patterns. Since 2013, Intuit has migrated its infrastructure, applications, data, and machine learning capabilities to AWS.

Intuit analyzes machine learning capabilities as you seek to transform arduous tasks, such as tax reporting, into simple and even enjoyable for your customers.

Using Amazon SageMaker, Intuit has managed to reduce the cost and time required to implement machine learning models. Now data scientists can create a model and scale it for many servers, and what used to take six months is now complete in a week.

By empowering its data scientists, Intuit continues to develop and improve its products to fulfill its mission: supporting the prosperity of its customers worldwide.

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog of thousands of software products from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, purchase, and deploy software running on AWS.

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