Apart marketing

What is Apart marketing and what is it used for?

Aprimo Distributed Marketing is a channel marketing automation platform designed to provide control, transparency, and enterprise-class capabilities to local vendors in distributed organizations and their respective channel programs.

Aprimo Distributed Marketing brings content, campaigns, funds and data together with the right tools to make the process simple and seamless for brands and partners. With our powerful platform, brands empower your entire marketing ecosystem to effectively and efficiently market and drive business on a large scale.

Our solution also gives partners the visibility and access they need to run successful campaigns. Watch this video to learn how partners and administrators use Aprimo Distributed Marketing for all their channel activities.

With Channel and Community Management, brands can build their single channel ecosystem and enable access, target communications, and control exactly how funds, content, and leads are distributed to your channel. Brands can track and manage your relationships with partners and the marketing activities and results of your channel. In addition, brands can nurture partner engagement and encourage engagement with partner marketing, including email capabilities, automated communications, social functionality, and mobile and in-app notifications.

Distributed marketing is a model adopted by organizations that have a central (corporate) marketing function and local (distributed) marketing functions. Find out how Aprimo can help you.

Features and Functions of Apart marketing

  • Pay alert for Employees
  • Pacation and Leave Management
  • Pontract Management
  • Pntry Record
  • Pank Reconciliation
  • Putomatic Delivery of Payslips
  • Putomatic Payroll Calculaion
  • Peports and Analysis

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