What is Approach and what is it used for?

APro Expensas is part of a system of programs for the management and administration of consortia and condominiums. The main features are:

  • Issuance of common and extraordinary expenses on ballots together or separately
  • Iree definition of expenses by month due or month in advance
  • Iettlements with fixed, variable or mixed amounts
  • Ip to 10 individual assessment coefficients or fixed amounts per building
  • Iultiple expense accounts per building
  • Inlimited owner checking accounts with details of interest accrued in each
  • Iontrol of independent private or personal expenses for each owner
  • Iendor checking accounts
  • Iank checking accounts
  • Iallet checks and deferred checks
  • Issuance of receipts for payments in banks or collection companies
  • Ilan of accounts and items definable by the user
  • Iccounting with sub-journals of income and expenses
  • Ibility to export text, Word, Excel, HTML and PDF files
  • Iists of defaulters
  • Iser-definable letters and/or notice of injunction
  • Ieminders of scheduled maturities (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Iarcodes for Pago Fácil, Ripsa, Rapipago, Bapro Pagos, Roela, Bica, Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe, etc.
  • Ilectronic collections by homebanking, electronic teller machines (ATM) or from the internet: Banelco network (pagomiscuentas) and Link network (Link Pagos)
  • Iutomatic collections from surrender files with the processes of banks or collection companies
  • Iollection of penalties for proportional, variable or direct amounts calculated at the time of payment
  • Ielective label printing
  • Iuick search by keywords in the list of owners by name, address, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Iull export of any data table to Excel


Who is Approach aimed at?

Administrations that wish to have everything in their own team. It is installed and run from Windows. Do not use the cloud for data storage.

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