Arcadia Enterprise

What is Arcadia Enterprise and what is it used for?

Meet Arcadia Enterprise. See how it enables business analysts to visually self-service large volumes of data natively within data lakes, Hadoop, cloud, and real-time data sources to discover ideas. Produce 100 and 1000 users in customer-oriented analytical applications, directly in the data lake, without moving data to a separate system.

Arcadia Data provides the first big data native BI and visual analytics platform that delivers the scale, performance, and business agility users need to discover and produce real-time information. Its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, was created from its inception to run natively within large data platforms, in the cloud or on-premises, to streamline the process of self-service data analysis on Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Apache Solr.

Unlike legacy BI and analytics platforms for datastores running on a separate server/desktop, Arcadia Enterprise was built from its inception to run directly within modern data platforms like Hadoop and the cloud to dramatically increase the scale and performance of big analytics data. This is why companies now choose two BI standards: one for their data warehouse and one for their data lake. This “data native” architecture allows business analysts to directly visualize data for discovery, while supporting 100 to 1000 concurrent users for large-scale visual analytics applications.

The data has evolved. Data platforms have evolved. So why stay with your existing BI tools that were designed for traditional environments? Today’s businesses are looking for a modern approach to analytics and BI on Hadoop, cloud, Kafka and other modern platforms. Arcadia Enterprise sets a new standard of analysis for data lakes, beyond the traditional data storage tools you already use.

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