Ares prism

What is Ares prism and what is it used for?

ARES PRISM is an enterprise project lifecycle management software solution designed to support the planning, execution, and completion of capital projects for reliable forecasting, cost control, and performance measurement.

Safe, on time and within the delivery of the budget. ARES PRISM reduces the effort needed to manage the cost of your project and keep the project on schedule. Save time and money with complete cost control of your project portfolio.

Our engineering product is a earned value engineering progress solution designed to budget and monitor engineering tasks, deliverables, and packages by working hours.

PRISM provides the ability to manage the entire procurement process for any size or type of project. From the first engineering request through the management of the delivery of materials and equipment to the job site.

PRISM is an essential contract management tool, whether you own, EPC or construction management company.

Innovative cost from high-level conceptual controls to detailed controls. PRISM helps companies centralize their data estimates and work collaboratively on the same estimate.

PRISM Docs is a document management solution for finding, sharing, and controlling critical technical and business documents.

Transform the way you manage projects. Make more informed and faster business decisions. Take your business analysis to the next level.

PRISM offers a mobile solution for IOS and Android that allows engineers to enter progress directly from the field. Work smarter with PRISM Field Management.

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