What is Askoziapbx and what is it used for?

AskoziapBX offers the world’s lightest and most affordable Asterisk software system. Includes all the cutting-edge commercial PBX features, easy setup and real-time statistics.

3CX is a software-based open standards IP PBX that delivers complete unified communications, ready to use.
AskoziapBX makes installing, managing and maintaining your PBX so easy that you can effortlessly manage them yourself, whether on a device, on your servers or in your cloud account.

Find out how 3CX can meet your daily communication needs. From receiving calls while you’re out of the office, to increasing agent productivity, face-to-face meetings, and more. This video shows some of the main features and benefits of 3CX and how easy they are to use.

AskoziapBX includes VoIP clients for Android and iOS that let you take your office extension with you anywhere.
Answer calls through the office phone extension and transfer them to colleagues without asking customers to call another number. Reduce your business’s mobile costs, increase productivity, and make sure you never miss a call again.

3CX introduces native Android and iOS VoIP clients that are continuously updated and tested and set the standard for mobile phone VoIP clients. With a built-in tunnel to avoid remote firewall problems, calls from 3G or from any Wifi access point are extremely reliable. 3CX Android and iOS clients fully support PUSH, allowing the phone to be in standby mode and save battery.

With 3CX VoIP clients for Android and iOS, you can take your extension wherever you go. 3CX offers the concept of a number that means you no longer have to give your mobile phone number. Set your status so your colleagues can see whether or not you are available to answer a call.

3CX clients for Android and iOS use VoIP and are easy to configure and manage. Customers can be provisioned automatically from the 3CX Management Console, reducing support calls. Due to the built-in tunnel, 3CX clients work perfectly on all firewalls, making them even more reliable.

Features and Functions of Askoziapbx

  • Budgets and offers
  • Balendar and reminders system
  • Barketing Automation Integration
  • Basks Management
  • Begmentation
  • Bmail Marketing
  • Bobile
  • Bocument Storage

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