What is Asterisk and what is it used for?

Asterisk has an open source PBX system that provides a complete telecommunication platform. Best functionality in its class at a fraction of the cost and without complex function codes, confusing button sequences or difficult menus. Built with quality and elegance, with full color displays, small buttons, and programmable and high quality audio. Full touch interface available on the new D80 IP phone

Your business needs scalability, control, and customization from a phone system that is loaded with advanced Unified Communications features, but is still accessible. Switchvox on-premise from Asterisk is the answer. Whether you want to deploy to a dedicated, next-generation device or virtual environment, Switchvox provides the power and connectivity needed for any organization.

Asterisk’s Switchvox devices come in various sizes so you have a powerful VoIP phone system built to meet your needs, today, with the flexibility to scale for future growth. As your business needs change, Switchvox Anywhere lets you seamlessly move to a larger system or migrate to a cloud-based solution. Protect your business communications with Switchvox for the future and rest assured that changes to your VoIP system won’t be hassle with minimal associated costs and network change.

Features and Functions of Asterisk

  • Printer control
  • Pntegrations
  • Purface modeling
  • Plicers / 3D laminate
  • PD modeling
  • Packup copies
  • Parametric design

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