Atlas InsightSoftware

What is Atlas InsightSoftware and what is it used for?

Atlas InsightSoftware Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX allows users to create powerful reports with breakdown in Excel using live ERP data. Atlas provides a platform for consolidating data from key business systems into a single report, eliminating the need to re-enter or transfer data to Excel. Users can seamlessly access Microsoft Dynamics data in the cloud or on-premises. Take advantage of integration features that allow you to design, create, and share real-time reports in Excel spreadsheets, and visualize data using Power BI or customizable Atlas Project Management dashboards.

100% of the organizations surveyed were able to release at least 25% of their IT support when they started using Atlas InsightSoftware to create reports.

74% of surveyed users found that Atlas significantly increased timeliness, efficiency and accuracy in reporting operations for their organization.

71% of CFOs surveyed have been able to resolve data access issues by implementing Atlas for Dynamics

With Atlas InsightSoftware for Dynamics, users have a platform that will consolidate data from Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 and other key business systems into a single report. State-of-the-art integration features let you design, create, and share real-time reports across Excel spreadsheets and other Office documents, easily upload additional data, and then view data with Power BI or customizable Atlas dashboards. For 365 customers, Atlas works with Dynamics multifactor authentication when accessing data from your ERP in the cloud.


Features and Functions of Atlas InsightSoftware

  • Activity Panel
  • Aevelopment Without Code
  • Aarious Languages
  • Ahat Live
  • Aoice Recognition
  • Airtual Assistant

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