What is and what is it used for? is a leading social engagement solution for non-profit organizations that drives action with their campaigns through social data. We match your email file with our social information, allowing you to better understand the social aspect of your followers. We show you what people in your organization’s email archive say on social media and help you identify who is influential so you can improve omnichannel targeting and dramatically increase the reach of your campaigns.

With access rich social profiles. In addition, turn your list into an infographic that shows the reach of user networks, influencers, popular cities and the most used social networks. Know which of your database followers have the most influence on your social networks. Find your existing influencers based on network scope, topic relevance, previous interactions, Klout score, influencer type, and other custom filters.

By using automatic custom ads triggered by social mentions, influence, demography, and more thanks to integration with Facebook Custom Audience, allows you to acquire new members and reorient existing followers.

Features and Functions of

  • Mediateca
  • Mudio manipulation
  • Mudio recording
  • Mudio editor
  • Mudio mixture
  • Mlug-ins integration
  • Mideo editing

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