Avenista reservation

What is Avenista reservation and what is it used for?

Avenista Table Reservation helps you organize key front-of-house activities such as reservation management, tables, customer service, customer relations, marketing and business analytics. This allows restaurants to set rules that determine whether a customer has to pay a deposit, buy a ticket, or leave credit card details when making a reservation. Payments and capture of card details are executed according to PCI compliance guidelines. Avenista will even charge surcharges if parties increase in size prior to booking.

When payments are made, they will be credited to your bank account within 7 days of the payment provider: Stripe. Promote your restaurant with special offers and track which promotion generated the click (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Website, etc.). Avenista can not only make the booking widget more flexible to behave differently for certain promotions, but can also track it, and most importantly you can mark the booking with a visual flag so staff know that someone booked, for example, a 20% discount promotion.

Avenista — Table Reservation is the most powerful and flexible restaurant management solution available anywhere. It is designed by a simple and sensible company, to make your life as a restaurant owner easier, more profitable and ultimately more enjoyable! It’s so easy to use and can help even the most disorganized restaurant turn into an elegant and efficient operation that you see cares about your diners while at the same time working behind the scenes to maximize the inherent potential.

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