Azure Face Api

What is Azure Face Api and what is it used for?

As part of its cognitive services in the cloud, Azure offers Face API, a tool capable of performing individual or group facial detection, organizing photographs of people based on their similarities (confidence level of the measurement) or even running recognition models locally if required. Incorporate facial recognition into your apps for a smooth, highly secure user experience. No machine learning knowledge is required. Features include detecting faces that perceive facial features and attributes (such as a mask, glasses, or the location of the face) in an image and identifying a person by a match to their private repository or by the photo ID.

Who is Azure Face Api aimed at?

Face API can adapt to all types of company, regardless of size.

Features and Functions of Azure Face Api

  • Allow multiple Languages ​​Programming
  • Aerformance analysis
  • Aeplicated data
  • Aonversion database
  • Aobile access
  • Aata migration
  • Airtualization

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