Bakery Management System

What is Bakery Management System and what is it used for?

Bakery Management System will allow owners to keep their complete record in one place, which will be easy to manage. Store information on all products, handle employee information, and easily search for your products in an intuitive, easy-to-use program.

The manager can use employee records to manage and update employee contact information. Manage employee work information by defining salary note, salary, and other information. Bakery Management System can also use PIM to keep a timely record of past work experience, educational details, skills and other criteria.

Easily handle employee leave and leave requests, define leave types (casual/sick/maternity/hourly rate). Allow employees to apply for forleave online and supervisors can approve or reject the license online. Send automatic email notifications (optional) from employees and leave supervisors
Bigdbiz helps customers do better business by leveraging industry expertise, technology and the ability to develop a cutting-edge software solution. The system simplifies everything from reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling and point-of-sale intelligence to recipe management.

It’s based on both desktop and cloud. Having access to Bigdbiz anywhere, anytime through your mobile device makes daily tasks easier, simpler and faster for everyone, from small freelancers to large corporate groups of restaurant franchises.

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