BC.Lab Monitor

What is BC.Lab Monitor and what is it used for?

bc.lab monitor is the most powerful monitoring solution that gives you the best quality view for social conversations and analytics. With bc.lab monitor identify social media monitoring trends, analyze opinion-building processes, and identify online crises. Learn how customers value their products, what they care about, and what they say about their competitors.

Use one of the best monitoring technologies and the experience of an experienced social networking team. Start with us and get concrete steps for your communication, sales and product development. Get access to high-quality social media data, with maximum source coverage, error-free data, and individual tonality in one easy-to-use monitoring tool.

Create efficient searches in seconds, without complicated operators or search queries. Get a deep view of your data with numerous freely combinable filter functions. Detect increased connectivity by gathering data from a variety of sources, including social media, social media channels, print media, TV, and radio for meaningful analysis.

In addition, it allows you to link your data and information sources in real time into a system for online sources, TV, radio and print media. Make data comparable to analysis and reporting through cross-section metadata.

Features and Functions of BC.Lab Monitor

  • Email marketing
  • Eobile

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