What is Beersaver and what is it used for?

BeerSaver Restaurant Management: The system provides information to help reduce slippage and increase an operator’s profits, also acts as an inventory management system. Whether you’re in the restaurant, in the corporate office or at home, you’ll have real-time access to your local information from your computer, tablet or smartphone. BeerSaver systems are installed in more than 600 locations.

It was founded in New York in 2007 and has offices located in New York, Vancouver and Hong Kong. BeerSaver is the world leader in innovation in barrel and barrel beer controls, helping to control slip and inventory through advanced flow measurement technology. BeerSaver even allows customers to serve their own beer and wine using the SelfTap system.

Identify and report uncounted spills and spills by comparing poured ounces versus ounces sold in POS, knowing your current inventory levels, you can manage your resources more efficiently and receive updated email alerts. The BeerSaver High-Resolution Self-Tap menu display system takes customers to your store.

Features and Functions of Beersaver

  • Management of ideas
  • Mesource management
  • Mollaboration tools
  • Milestone monitoring

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