Bejerman ERP

What is Bejerman ERP and what is it used for?

The comprehensive management system for SMEs that accompanies the growth of your business. Evolving your business management to build tomorrow We have been with small and medium-sized companies for 40 years, supporting them on their path of innovation and growth so that they can manage their business with confidence and greater productivity. Bejerman ERP ensures: Flexibility It is a configurable and adaptable management software according to the needs of each company. Integration Integrated and more efficient processes for greater profitability. Compliance Updates and reliable information to ensure company compliance.

Who is Bejerman ERP aimed at?

Created for small and medium enterprises

Features and Functions of Bejerman ERP

  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Rracking Samples
  • Raboratory Instruments Interface
  • Rertificates of Analysis
  • Requirements Management
  • Rorkflow Management
  • Raily E-Lab

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