What is Byzautomation and what is it used for?

BizAutomation takes away the pain of running your business across multiple applications. No more servers, no more Accounting here and CRM there, etc. Everything works beautifully in an exquisitely integrated cloud service.

We call this the cloud ERP for small and medium businesses. For many smaller businesses, this means that they can finally replace QuickBooks and all the other major applications that support it. The benefit is that all of your departments will run in a single database cloud suite without data duplication, which is what you get when you “connect” one application to another, or even worse… offline, meaning your data is running on application islands.

For some smaller companies running expensive ERP such as NetSuite or Acumatica, which didn’t notice were expensive until after you took the step, you’ll be glad to know that our price is all inclusive. No games, no bait and no snatches.

BizAutomation is a comprehensive ERP solution designed to streamline business management administrative operations. It is integrated with four other platforms (CRM, Accounting, E-Commerce and Professional Services), all of which are based on a single database, so aggregate data remains persistent and unadulterated, and never requires reconciliation.

Ten modules comprise your ERP toolkit. Implementation is a collaborative effort between BizAutomation and the customer. Post-launch support rests with a trained customer employee, complemented by telephone/chat platforms.

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