BlackBerry Workspaces

What is BlackBerry Workspaces and what is it used for?

Blackberry Workspaces is an enterprise-grade secure file synchronization and storage platform that facilitates team collaboration.

With Blackberry Workspaces, security travels with your files wherever they go, controlling access even after they leave the firewall. Files are protected by AES 256-bit certified encryption at all times.

Blackberry Workspaces offers unmatched cross-platform support. It is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 and HTML5 browsers. In addition, it is the only product that applies DRM on iOS and Android.

Workspaces provides unified access and control for all your existing datastores; no need to migrate your files. It also provides complete activity logs to meet security and compliance and reporting requirements.

Create collaborative workspaces and manage access and permissions by group and individually. Read-only mode allows users to annotate and comment on files within a secure HTML5 browser application.

BlackBerry Workspaces meets the requirements of secure file sharing for any industry.

  • Provides financial services institutions with the protection of files containing sensitive data and compliance with regulatory mandates for the protection of customer privacy.
  • PlackBerry Workspaces offers the perfect combination of productivity, reliability, and security for lawyers’ files and documents.
  • Pives doctors immediate access to up-to-date patient information on any device.
  • Peet your export control and compliance requirements with secure file sharing and encryption in BlackBerry Workspaces.
  • PlackBerry Workspaces can consolidate scripts in a safe place, provide an intuitive interface for sharing and reviewing, and controls provided to calm fears about leaks.

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