Blackboard Learn

What is Blackboard Learn and what is it used for?

As a student at Blackboard Learn, check your grades anytime, anywhere. Connect with teachers, classmates, and a global network of students. Collaborates on projects and study groups. And always keep abreast of what is important in all your courses and other activities.

As an educator, meet your student’s growing expectations with a proven higher education solution that saves you time and helps you drive student success. It is a simpler and more powerful learning environment.

With Blackboard Learn, educators can stimulate the interaction of students with fewer problems. Students can connect and collaborate in any way they want. And by using LMS data, administrators will drive the institution to evolve and excel. When everyone’s life is easier, so is yours.

Plus, customize the experience for your institution and each user. Choose the deployment model that best suits your institution’s needs.

Who is Blackboard Learn aimed at?

For schools and universities.

Features and Functions of Blackboard Learn

  • Collaboration tools

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