What is Bluefiles and what is it used for?

BlueFiles is a simple and fast file transfer platform, which provides confidentiality to users through encrypted file submission.

BlueFiles gives you a real guarantee regarding data exchange: integrity of file, 100% confidentiality, and remote control of transmitted files.

With BlueFiles you get time gain, ease of use, cost reduction, we need to exchange our sensitive data over the Internet without risk of dictation.

The files are encrypted locally by the user himself, thanks to the local printer installed on his machine. The responsibility for the data lies in the hands of the user and not in those of a system administrator.

BlueFiles is based on a powerful authentication system, “BluePass”, which certifies their digital identity when users log in and access files. Authentication is based on the email address and password that only its owner knows, stored locally.

Our platform does not have access to the password, even in the “chopped” mode. Thanks to EndToEndUser technology, the recipient of a .blue file never has an unencrypted copy of the data – you can only read it.

In addition, it is compatible with any software in which there is a printing tool. Also, the BluePass Authentication Service verifies your digital identity as a user. BlueFiles guarantees the highest degree of confidentiality until the receipt of your data with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

With BlueFiles the download is available for 5 days (free offer) or 15 days (paid offer). It allows you to implement the controls you need to ensure file transfers in accordance with the GDPR.

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