Blusync Parablu

What is Blusync Parablu and what is it used for?

Blusync is a Parablu, collaborative and hybrid digital file sharing application, agile for the enterprise, with military-grade security and privacy.

BluSync allows your employees to collaborate transparently across all locations and allows universal access across multiple devices, so business is done on the go.

The solution supports a construction called “mini clouds” that allows departmental teams to collaborate effectively. BluSync leverages BlueCrypt to make the solution unmatched in terms of security, privacy, and control when deployed in public or hybrid cloud configurations.

BluSync works seamlessly with several popular cloud storage providers. BluSync generates a link that you can copy into an email to send, or even send the email for you.

Parablu offers you to share policy-based information with password protection, read-only access, and even allows document links to expire.

On all devices you have BluSync installed, it keeps your data synchronized and up to date all the time. Even on devices where you do not have it installed, you can safely access files via the Internet.

BluSync overcomes several limitations that cloud file storage services can impose. The file name, path size, and special character limitations set by cloud-based file storage services can now be a thing of the past.

In addition, SSO eliminates password reset phone calls, protects against unauthorized access, and integrates with your organization’s LDAP or Active Directory.

Features and Functions of Blusync Parablu

  • Configuration Management
  • Celf-Service Portal
  • Change Management
  • Canagement Contracts or Licenses
  • Croblem Management
  • Cncident Management
  • Croject Management
  • Clerts and Alzada
  • Cuto Portal
  • Cpi
  • Cive chat
  • Cnowledge base management
  • Caiting lines management
  • Chat and messaging

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