BQE Core Suite

What is BQE Core Suite and what is it used for?

BQE’s powerful all-in-one platform and expert support give A&E companies the intuitive tools they need to meet their business demands, strengthen their teams, maximize profitability and deliver superior customer outcomes. The BQE is designed by architects and industrial engineers at A&E. You need a platform that truly understands your business and backs you up with the specialized tools you need. After successfully managing their own A&E businesses, our founders created the best-in-class platform they needed from scratch. Our platform supports the specific needs of the A&E industry. We understand your pain points better than anyone. We are not limited to our software. You can also take advantage of our friendly and knowledgeable support team that is as committed to your success as you are. Enjoy expert support to make your business run at its best.

Who is BQE Core Suite aimed at?

BQE Core is compatible with a wide range of industries, including accounting, architect signatures, engineering, legal services and many more. You can access BQE Core from any intelligent browser or device and experience complete functionalities.

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