Brand Retailers

What is Brand Retailers and what is it used for?

Brand Retailers is the only e-commerce platform that goes everywhere your customers are. Your software must be integrated with all the markets and social communities that drive online sales.

Brand Retailers designs, implements and hosts your website on our powerful e-commerce platform Software as a Service (SaaS). A platform at the heart of all your e-commerce companies.

Branded retailers will integrate with virtually any point-of-sale solution, including Counter Point, Light Speed and many more. Don’t settle for an outdated solution. Request a demo today to see what brand retailers can do for you both online and offline.

Brand Retailers has integrated integrations to get you up and running with partners like Amazon, ChannelAdvisor, Google Merchant and many others. These integrations allow you to sell your product in all major markets, while also addressing other types of channels, such as purchasing comparison engines and more.

The brand’s retail mobile website presents its users with a beautiful and smooth mobile shopping experience. Your customers will be able to easily find the product they want and make their purchase quickly. Brand Retailers strives to shop with one click through multiple saved payment options, including native saved payments, Paypal and Amazon Payment. Your customers will no longer need to enter their shipping information or credit card to place their orders on their mobile website.

The most important moment for your business is when your buyer is ready to pay. Brand Retailers’s simple payment system is designed to maximize purchase conversions and provide an excellent shopping experience. Brand Retailers’s simple payment system encourages buyers to save their shipping and credit card details for accelerated payment. In addition, by offering Paypal and Amazon Payments, your site will benefit by making the payment process one-step for hundreds of millions of users.

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