What is Brandchats and what is it used for?

BrandChats has developed a social listening platform and a platform of social profiles and social audiences (differential technology in the market, which allows us to know much more about authors and users of social networks and digital media).

BrandChats is used in situations of: online reputation, brand monitoring, benchmarking, consumer and community analysis, consumer opinion and brand perception analysis, social CRM, audience analysis and segmentation, content strategy (new trends, content discovery, spread analysis), analysis of campaigns (online and offline) and influence programs.

BrandChats gives you an advanced level Social Listening platform, with multiple capture options, sematic analysis, machine learning and visualization. Knowledge about social media audiences that include demographic variables, preferences, behaviors, affinities and interests. In addition to an API that delivers variables of interests from a social profile.

Brandchats is an application that makes use of big data to serve as an intersection between data and locate social conversations with the client of interest, as well as using the data obtained to apply them to business cases in order to strengthen decision-making.

It has specific tools and training for its use, as well as a strategic market knowledge for this kind of tasks. It allows you to visualize the data in your dashboard or to report the status of the campaigns, based on long-distance analytical techniques.

Also, the tool can be integrated with CRM solutions to enhance social CRM.

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