What is Brickftp and what is it used for?

BrickFTP is a robust, enterprise-ready file server solution, allowing unlimited users to upload and share all their files.

Our proprietary FTPS, SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV engines allow quick access to your files. A web interface and a desktop app are also available. Single Sign-On (SSO) options including OpenLDAP and Active Directory allow BrickFTP to instantly integrate its existing user database.

Encrypts your files during transit and when they are stored on our servers. Custom SSL certificates are supported, so your brand is always visible. BrickFTP supports HIPAA compliant operations and we will sign a BAA (Associated Business Agreement) for customers who require it.

Easily share files and folders through links that can optionally expire after a set period. It can also allow people to upload files without an account. Developers can easily integrate their own applications, websites and databases with BrickFTP using our robust and well-documented REST API.

In addition, BrickFTP allows you to add your own colors, logos, domain and SSL certificates to remove all traces of BrickFTP brand. The CSS code allows for greater customization. We have the most flexible permission model in the industry, allowing granular control of users, groups and their access levels.

All actions performed with files and folders are added to a searchable record whose audit file is maintained for 7 years and can be exported for registration. Finally, full integration with Zapier allows you to integrate BrickFTP with Basecamp, Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter, Slack and more.

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