Bridgeline Commerce

What is Bridgeline Commerce and what is it used for?

Bridgeline Commerce Overview — Manage an extensive product catalog and shopping cart, coupon and promotion engine, payment process, tax and payment handling, order fulfillment, and more—all in a highly secure PCI level one certification environment.
Bridgeline Unbound Digital Experiences Platform Overview — The most comprehensive and customizable cloud-based solution available! Closing the gaps between web content management, marketing automation, e-commerce, social media management and prospects.

Optimize key experiences such as checkout, search and product content easily with real-time customization and no headaches in integration. Deliver connected shopping experiences when commerce is natively integrated with a content management platform. Preview product pages in the appropriate template and update their content. Experience content as it will be consumed by customers.

Store and manage assets from a single digital asset management system. Share, reuse, and collaborate with rich media and other assets through flexible search and recovery capabilities. Control the change copy, modify the algorithm settings, all without the help of IT. Before publishing content to different campaign channels, preview, adapt, and optimize content.

Manage the most complex product information and share all channels with ultra-configurable catalog schemas. Gather product information from the eCommerce engine product catalog or third-party PIM system to generate product and category pages.

Test marketing and marketing ideas against individual KPIs. Target content and experiences based on customer profile, purchase history, and click sequence behavior. Analyze and use buyer profiles and activities by segmenting any detail and customizing experiences to improve engagement.

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