Bright Analytics

What is Bright Analytics and what is it used for?

Bright Analytics: Powerful business intelligence platform for data automation, flexible data management, custom dashboards, custom metrics and beautiful visualizations.

Our products help you view, understand, and act on all your sales, marketing, and business performance data across your organization. Whether it’s a few data sources or hundreds, our products easily connect all of your data to create a single view for stakeholders, replacing outdated data silos and reports with key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics that deliver insights that drive business impact. We continually update our products based on feedback and vision from our customers and partners to ensure that every product powered by the Bright Analytics platform is the best in its class.

Our Dashboard and Visualization product is a report generator interface that provides users with the tools to generate reports across multiple data sources in a wide range of output formats, from simple dynamic data visualizations to multidimensional. Reports can be saved to new or existing dashboards and shared with users selected for daily use. Our product includes a direct SQL interface for advanced users to write custom queries and save along with other reports. Approved users can create new dashboards, create new reports, and share them with selected users, meaning the system can adapt to meet new reporting requirements. Integrated access control allows administrator users to customize views shared by each user, meaning that the data users see is always relevant to them. The report engine provides you with the means to easily create beautiful data visualizations on any of your data to display in your dashboards. We create, develop, and share custom dashboards that show the data you need to see the way you want to see it. You have full control over the structure, design, appearance and content of your panels.

Our attribution modeling product allows you to quantify the real value of your media investment, through a dynamic model that analyzes each interaction across a wide range of attributes. Many attribution models focus on “last click” analysis that deprives the channels at the start of their conversion trips of any credit, however, these are probably the channels that will grow your business. This approach to value allocation inevitably leads to a fundamental underinvestment in research media that provide new customers and business growth. With our product you can analyze each individual interaction on each conversion trip against a potentially unlimited number of attributes. These attributes allow us to model the value of each interaction beyond its propensity to be at the end of a journey.

Our response match product provides you with a framework for matching online and offline responses with media. You can define custom response curves and assign phone numbers and response codes to different media. Our product allows you to create any number of custom response curves, from minutes to hours to days, and assign to different channels or days of the week. Multiple attribution models allow you to analyze responses based on the most likely place, a fractional allocation, and/or a time decay approach. Our product allows you to map response codes and phone numbers to different periods of activity and media dates. With our product, you can analyze multiple response datasets in one model to understand what really drives your responses and the relationship between online and offline.

Features and Functions of Bright Analytics

  • Picking Processses
  • Pnventory Control
  • Ponsolidation/Roll-Up
  • Porecast
  • Purchasing Cycle Management
  • Pnventory Audit
  • PPL Management
  • Pobile Warehouse Management
  • Peports/ Analysis Creation
  • Puality Managemet

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