What is Calero and what is it used for?

Calero is a simplified communications management tool designed to better manage an organization’s entire spectrum of communications.

With decades of experience, Calero set out to change the market for the better. Develop the right tools that were specially created taking into account simplicity and user experience. To provide better insight and actionable vision with the idea that clarity in the entire communication lifecycle drives control, improves process visibility, and ultimately helps you better understand where your organization is and the savings that are actually possible.

With our unparalleled pedigree, Calero is a formidable force and the emerging leader in the communications lifecycle management space. We challenge the convention and exceed expectations by providing superior solutions with integrity and personal service you may have found missing from other vendors.

Our service-based culture, based on LEAN processes, establishes unmatched discipline to support your business to deliver predictable results and improved performance quality. Rather, we say what we mean and we want to say what we say.

Features and Functions of Calero

  • CRM
  • Curchase Order Management
  • Crder Management
  • Cistribution Management
  • Cnventory Management
  • Cupply Chain Management
  • Cinancial Management
  • Ceports /Analysis Creation
  • Croject Management
  • Carehouse Management

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