What is Canvanizer and what is it used for?


Canvanizer: Publish your ideas on a business model canvas or a customer service travel canvas. Move notes, sharpen ideas, and create variations.

Easily share your secret canvas URL with your team. All changes are synchronized for all users with the same open canvas.

Choose from many pre-structured canvas templates. Clones canvases and iterates dynamically. Post only for public comments on blogs.

Completely free to use
unlimited canvases
Forgot your links? No problem. No problem. At the bottom of the page you will find a gray bar. Click on “Forgot My Link”, enter your email address and code, and you will get new ones right away.
You can copy your Canvas to see the same Canvas if you want to make small changes to see different results in your strategy: “Copy Canvas” in the same gray bar.
If you want to share your Canvas with the world, go to “Share Canvas.” There you can Twitter, share it through the email address to anyone you want or, how nice that is, insert the canvas into your website with the optional interaction of your audience.
Want to see the last steps of your work progress? Go to “Canvas History” and see what you have achieved.
If you have an idea, but don’t know which section of the Canvas you still put it in, use the “Brainstorming mode”. Notes can be structured after an initial quick brainstorming with members of your team.
You can always change the title of your canvas in “Canvas Settings”, you can also change the email address there.
If you want to import or export the canvas, there are several options by clicking “Import/Export”:
Import Canvas Notes via CSV File
Import Canvas to Text Format for Print
Export Canvas to CSV File to Import to Another Application
Converts and exports Canvas Slideshow package to Revealal.js
And then there are another gift for you: with a single click you can open a slide show that allows you to present your Canvas, for example, at a business meeting.

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