What is Capricity and what is it used for?

Captricity’s AI-driven automation allows paper to travel at the speed of digital. Captricity is used by eight of the ten U.S. insurance companies and other major companies. UU To extract and improve data from any customer channel, including handwritten documents, and deliver it seamlessly to downstream business systems.

Captricity is the bridge to complete digital automation. Improve the customer experience by reducing cycle times while dramatically reducing operating costs.

Captricity allows you to reimagine automation. Transform administrative workflows with faster processing of manual workflows, speed funds management allocation, and improve fraud detection by unlocking paper data.

Captricity removes the paperwork. Accelerate digital transformation by automating manual processes and digitizing paper workflows, while strengthening data privacy and security.

Captricity was tailor-made for regulated industries. Optimize complex payer vendor workflows and improve patient outcomes by enabling faster operational processes and improving data accuracy.

Create unique datasets from complete historical files to enable analytics to drive growth and improve risk capabilities.

Eliminate manual data entry, reduce dependency on temporary workers, and increase direct processing of manual workflows.

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